SEMMA Collaborates with ABC News


SEMMA Partners with ABC News to Shed Light on Soaring Energy Prices’ Impact on Manufacturers


In a collaborative effort to raise awareness about the debilitating effects of rising energy prices on businesses, including manufacturers, SEMMA has joined forces with ABC News to provide insights into the pressing issue of escalating energy costs.

Gas users have been vocal about the failure of price controls, which has resulted in an unwelcome surge in energy bills, placing additional pressure on the Reserve Bank to consider raising interest rates.  The below news story features on ABC’s program The Business aims to shed light on the magnitude of this problem and its adverse consequences for manufacturers across the region.

Michael Harrod, a member of SEMMA’s Board and the General Manager of McKinna Group, stepped forward to share his company’s firsthand experience with the rising energy prices. Despite not heavily relying on gas, McKinna Group has still been significantly impacted, facing a staggering $75,000 increase in their energy bill since transitioning into a new two-year contract.




Harrod’s comments highlight the challenges faced by manufacturers as they grapple with rising operational costs. Even those who are not heavily dependent on gas are being hit hard, underscoring the pervasive nature of the energy price crisis.

By joining forces with ABC News, SEMMA hopes to amplify the voices of manufacturers affected by the energy cost burden, prompting policymakers to take decisive action.

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