The SEMMA Buying Group allows members to take advantage of significant cost savings, reduced time sourcing supplies and increased confidence in getting value for money.

SEMMA have collaborated with Fulcrum Procurement to offer members the opportunity to join our exclusive buying group.

Group buying is a fast, effective, and low risk way to reduce operational costs. Bringing together a larger group of buyers enables Fulcrum to negotiate the most competitive prices from suppliers by leveraging members’ buying power.

SEMMA members can register to become part of the Buying Group direct on the SEMMA Marketplace webpage, or by contacting SEMMA or Fulcrum Procurement:

Peter Cook: 0408 995 207 |
SEMMA: 0481 417 415 |

Buying Group Features

1. Planning

The buying group develops a detailed understanding of the supply market and member requirements. Participating businesses provide the buying group with data, including their current demand, prices, and suppliers to help with planning the tender.

2. Sourcing

The buying group then conducts a rigorous tender process to identify suppliers that provide the best prices, capabilities and service. The supplier offering best overall value (combination of pricing, quality and service offering) is appointed. To learn more, see ‘structured sourcing process’ below.

3. Buying

Businesses in the buying group can then order directly from the supplier using the regular purchase order process, quoting SEMMA Buying Group. The supplier will apply the agreed discount to all purchases made by businesses inside the buying group.

There is no cost to members and no obligation to purchase!

Members are free to continue using their own suppliers or mix and match with preferred suppliers if that suits their needs.

Interested in Supplying?

Suppliers of specified goods and services are selected through a tender process in response to demand from members. Service provider partners are encouraged to bid for relevant tenders by submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Suppliers Benefits

  • Access to an expanding community of manufacturers across varied sectors
  • Promotion via website, newsletters and webinars
  • Increased sales volumes
  • Lower customer acquisition costs


If you’re interested in getting involved as a potential supplier or to learn more about current tenders, please contact Peter on 0408 995 207 or