SEMMA Welcomes National Skills Agreement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Prepared by SEMMA 19 October 2023

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – SEMMA (South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance) has welcomed the announcement by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan of the landmark National Skills Agreement (NSA) which will take effect from January next year.

SEMMA CEO Honi Walker said, “Our industry issues are centred on building a skilled workforce – both now and for the future. Our members need employees with a wide range of skills including welding, fabrication, basic engineering, electrical, machine and tool handling as well as understanding workplace health and safety.”

“Manufacturing is still growing in Australia. We employ 16,000 people and contribute $3bn to the Australian economy. We are progressive innovators, and we keep making the things Australians and the world needs. Right now, we need more people who believe in the benefits of local manufacturing, local jobs and the ongoing benefits of well-paid stable careers in manufacturing’s heartland – the south east of Melbourne,” she said.

SEMMA is pushing ahead with a range of strategic plans in the Jobs space within our industry that is tightly linked to the Education and Skills space, including:

  • Launched a campaign aimed at secondary school students repositioning manufacturing as SMART SECURE SUSTAINABLE – Manufacturing has Evolved – So have our Careers, promoting the range of new careers emerging from advanced manufacturing.
  • Boosting our skilled labour force through engineering/manufacturing fabrication skills
    development in secondary schools promoting the VCAL, Apprenticeship and Traineeships programs through career’s days and site visits to industry.
  • Working closely with our partners at Chisholm TAFE to ensure training connects to industry needs.
  • Partnering with Monash University’s new Industry Innovation Hub ensuring students and SEMMA members get the best coverage of skills and innovation.
  • Joining Federation University’s Industry Co-op Model to ensure work experience and skills align.
  • Working closely with other associations and stakeholders to develop events to attract job seekers.
    SEMMA in partnership with Chisholm TAFE is holding a Meet the Graduates event on Thursday 23 November 10am-11.30am at their Dandenong Campus. SEMMA members are encouraged to register to meet the latest
    fabrication/engineering project graduates from Chisholm. More information register at


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