SEMMA Industry Update #2

Dear SEMMA Members and network,


Businesses worldwide are facing unprecedented times as they are forced to rapidly adapt to the new challenges presented by the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time of this communication, the Federal Government has announced that any workers with the ability to work from home should now do so. To read the Prime Minister’s statement for more information about Stage 2 restrictions and view the full list of affected businesses, click here.

To confirm, manufacturing workplaces can remain open and operational provided the mandated social distancing is maintained. Please monitor your email inboxes and refer to the SEMMA LinkedIn Page for ongoing manufacturing updates and information.
The Federal Government is calling on local manufacturers to indicate their ability to produce Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as well as a range of other items which are in high demand in response to the increasing COVID-19 threat.

If you think you could assist or want more information, visit the following links below:

AusTender – Medical PPE
ICN Gateway – Work Packages
AMGC – Manufacturer Response


Yours sincerely,
The SEMMA Team

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