Members Achieve Unexpected Energy Savings


SEMMA are helping manufacturers save on their bottom line by addressing a consistent area of big spend – energy. Our members can access a free evaluation with our partner Leading Edge Energy which can result in significant savings regardless of their contract, or whether they have an existing broker.

In the case of our manufacturing member BBS Flooring, they were able to reduce their network charges by 50%, roughly saving $8,000 per annum – something their existing broker did not spot. Click here to read their case study.

Many business owners generally believe that networks tariffs are a fixed cost and unable to be negotiated, but it was here which Ewen Beard, the experienced Sales Manager at Leading Edge Energy, was able to find the bulk of their savings from this part of their bill. Network tariffs are the fees which go towards maintaining the network – also known as “poles and wires” charges, which can account for between 30 and 60 per cent of an electricity bill.

SEMMA members have the benefit of free energy evaluations to see where savings can be achieved, simply by providing their most recent energy bill to Ewen. Learn more about SEMMA and becoming a member by clicking here.

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