Orgment Business Solutions

265 Split Rock Road, Beaconsfield Upper, VIC 3808, Australia

OrgMent Business Solutions

VISION:  To create solutions that enable businesses to perform beyond their expectations.

MISSION: To provide organisational mentoring and business advisory services that transform clients' business to achieve sustained performance.

Company Values:  

     Passionate about making a difference

     Building trust through integrity

     High quality results through practical, proven solutions

     Predictable, consistent, reliable outcomes

OrgMent Business Solutions transforms company performance by working directly with the business leaders to ensure that real business results and a proper work/life balance are achieved.  We understand that the key to great performance begins with company culture, requires that the business leader(s) have a proper work/life balance and that staff are fully engaged.  Our work in this area is supported by proven and practical tools, templates, techniques, coaching and training to create outstanding results.

OrgMent Business Solutions staff have experience in a wide range of corporate companies from SMEs to large multi-nationals including Boeing, British Aerospace, ANZ Bank and many others.  We know how to apply great business practice to work in any company irrespective of its size and industry domain and have many testimonials from satisfied customers to attest to this.  Our passion is to ensure that every company we work with gets the business results it is looking for.

Nothing great is ever achieved without passion, belief and action and the staff at OrgMent Business Solutions exemplify this in everything we do.


Our focus is on providing a supportive and collaborative approach that enables evolutionary change with minimal disruption to the business.  OrgMent Business Solutions has the capability to assist businesses across a wide range of domains and in addition, offers specialist business advice, coaching, mentoring and training in the following areas:

·         Business Strategy and Strategic Planning

·         Business Excellence

·         Organisational Development

·         Change Management

·         Leadership and Management Program

·         Improving Productivity

·         Time Management

·         Staff Recruitment, Retention and Induction

·         Employee Development

·         Effective Communication

·         Customer Service and Support

·         Succession Planning

·         Human Resources Program

·         Project Management