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In the dead of night, back in 1967, a highly trained unit of airborne commandos were flown into enemy territory to carry out a secret mission. With them were flown six Willy's MB Jeeps. The unit and their vehicles were parachuted deep within enemy lines. Unfortunately all six Jeeps were destroyed on landing and were un-drivable, stranding the unit in a hostile environment.

Luckily one of the soldiers was a highly skilled mechanic who managed to cobble together two working vehicles from the wreckage. The commandos then went on to successfully complete their mission.

Over a decade later, when the very same soldier came to create what was to become the Tomcar, this extreme situation had a profound effect on the design of the vehicle. We know of no other vehicle designer that has had an experience like this. It has impacted the design of the Tomcar on many levels.

The Tomcar is built to be parachuted out of a plane and survive. All its parts are easily accessible, easy to fix and simple to replace - even under enemy fire. Certain crucial parts of the vehicle are symmetrical - they fit on the right as well as on the left - reducing stock and simplifying maintenance. The Tomcar is also extremely tough - it is the strongest vehicle in its class, with a fully welded steel safety cell (integral to the frame - not just bolted on) that is fully ROPS to ISO 3471 standard.

The Tomcar has now been in continual active development for over twenty years, and successfully serves numerous military and security forces in conflict zones across the world.

There is nothing like the Tomcar. It is THE premium all-terrain vehicle, forged in battle and developed in peace.

For the past eight years, Tomcar Australia has taken the already incredible Tomcar and developed it into something even greater. We feel it is the world's best all-terrain vehicle. And it's now made right here in Australia at our state of the art factory in Melbourne. We love visitors, so if you want to come and visit our factory and see how we build the Tomcar, please contact us.