Sepal Pty Ltd

1 / 35 Gilbert Park Drive, Knoxfield, VIC 3180, Australia

Contact: Callum MacLeod
/ Email:
/ Phone: 0427 926 955

Launched in 2014, Sepal is a privately owned Australian business, manufacturing a range of ready-to-use, 100% recyclable, specialised infant feeding teats and related products, including teats, bottles, blanking caps, dust covers, EBM vials and tamper-evident labels.

Developed specifically for use at The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, the full product range is also available to purchase for home use.

The design solves traditional issues with flow consistency, leaking collars and anatomical shape while offering an unprecedented range of sizes and flow rates.

Developed in close collaboration with The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne over a 4 year period, the design holds provisional patents for both the anatomical shape and venting system.


In addition to manufacture, marketing and distribution of their own infant feeding product range, Sepal supply a variety of contract injection moulding services, including 2K overmoulding.

Product and tooling design can also be supplied for complete concept-to-manufacture project management, drawing on over 30 years experience in high complexity, cutting edge tool design and computerised flow analysis.

Depending upon customer requirements, products can be manufactured under HACCP certified, HEPA filtered clean room facilities, and supplied in ready-to-use flow wrapped packaging with in-line labelling.

Sepal is particularly well positioned to support the local healthcare and medical device industry, and welcome all enquiries.