S.M.A.R.T. Recycling / Waste Converters Recycling

185 Dandenong Hastings Road, Dandenong South, VIC 3175, Australia

Contact: Ward Petherbridge
/ Email: ward@wasteconverters.com.au
/ Phone: 03 8787 3300

Smart Recycling/Waste Converters Recycling is a Dandenong based environmentally and ethically conscious company. Our team see waste as an important resource that can be transformed into a multitude of useful products. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to turn waste into worth.


Our depot is conveniently located 30 minutes, South-East of Melbourne in the City of Greater Dandenong. Dandenong is Melbourne's second largest retail, commercial and manufacturing centre and is home to over 7,000 businesses. Smart Recycling's products and services are assisting over 2000 local organisations to reduce both their landfill costs and carbon footprint.


At Smart Recycling, over 90% of incoming waste is transformed into useful, cost effective, environmentally friendly products such as, soil, mulch, aggregate and recycled timber products.


Recycling, Brick Rubble, Boxes & Crates, Building and Demolition Materials, Bulker Bags, Cardboard, Compost, Conveyor Belt Rubber, Crushed Concrete Aggregate, Denailed and docked timber for builders, Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Firewood, Garden Stakes, Mulch, Packing Sand, Packs of docked & de-nailed timber for pallets makers, Pallets, Pit Covers for the construction industry, Ply sheets, Survey Pegs and Stakes, Topsoil