SEBN & SEMMA Waste Forums


SEMMA in collaboration with SEBN recently ran two informative Waste Forums in March and April. It was a good opportunity to focus on waste reduction and opportunities to use ‘waste’.

SESSION 1 | Tuesday 30 March 2021

The first forum focused on sharing steps already taken by other manufacturers, problems and barriers to waste reduction and reuse, and identifying areas where members [companies] are seeking solutions.  It was great to share practical implementable steps to improve business, environment and reduce costs.

SESSION 2 | Tuesday 27 April 2021

The second forum focused on Aspire, an innovative internet-based platform locally developed to connect those that generate ‘waste’ with potential users. The platform was originally developed by CSIRO and is actively supported by various governments. Access is simple and cost effective/free. Tools like Aspire are important to help develop the circular economy with partners that you don’t know.

Remember: don’t waste your waste and small practicable steps can make a difference. I encourage you to participate in future sessions to learn, share knowledge and experiences with fellow manufacturers.


Written by Markus Oswald
Managing Director, o.d.t. Engineering Pty Ltd
SEMMA Treasurer