Manufacturing Resources | COVID Lockdown 12 February 2021

The following advice has been received from the Associate Deputy Secretary, Industry Coordination and Recovery Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.

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I am writing to confirm that, as outlined in the health directions, only essential work premises, that is work premises at which an essential provider operates or essential workers performs essential work, should remain open.

This is a short, sharp lockdown and we are doing everything we can to restrict the moment of the virus. Read the detail of restrictions and exceptions.


People had questions about what is permitted to remain open.

A number of categories of essential manufacturing work are permitted to continue, including manufacturing operations that:

  • support the export of goods and services from Victoria interstate or internationally.
  • support implementation of measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, such as PPE or hand sanitiser.
  • involve goods and materials necessary for or related to supporting defence or security.
  • support the operation of an essential provider (such as food processing in the case of supermarkets etc.)


Please note following conversations with health today the list has been updated to expand the number of permitted activities (under essential workers) to include:

  • manufacturing, fabrication or assembly of goods and materials necessary for or related to supporting petrochemical supplies; defence, security industries or construction and building industries.


Read the definitive list of what can remain open.


For permitted work, employers are expected to manage their workforce and restrict operations only to essential activities.


Noting of course that there are also provisions for ‘a factory or facility that is not able to be shut down without causing damage or loss to plant and equipment, but only those operations that are necessary in order to prevent that damage or loss.’



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