The Trades Fit: Young Women in Trades and Tech Expo

The TTF career expo delivers to female and gender diverse secondary students exciting trade and technology industries, showcasing the rewarding and well-paid career opportunities they provide.

Bring students to Trade & Tech Fit

Broaden your school’s female and gender diverse students’ study and career possibilities by bringing a group to the Trade & Tech Fit career expo.

This expo is 100% hands-on, allowing students to design video games, lay bricks, weld, fly planes, program a robot, safety test equipment, use power tools, learn to paint and more while understanding more about the range of career options available to women and gender diverse people.

Exhibit at Trade & Tech Fit
Meet your future workforce by exhibiting at Trade & Tech Fit.

There are no fees charged for exhibiting.

Exhibitor spaces are filling fast. After the expo reaches capacity, additional exhibitor registrations will be added to a waitlist.