At Wired-in Software, we love a test and measurement challenge!

We help manufacturers optimise their product testing, by manufacturing automated test and measurement equipment.

Our niche area is in designing and building turnkey high-tech functional test systems for complex products to maximise production yield and enhance product quality. We can completely design and deliver the entire test system – including all software, electronics, electrical and mechanical components.  We also develop Monitoring/IIOT systems, Hardware in the loop testers, and Control and Measure systems and machines.

We value team work, high quality outputs, great customer experience, deep work and sustainability.

Our typical clients are product designers, production managers and test system engineers, who are facing the following challenges:

  1. Struggling through with manual testing, which takes up valuable skilled people
  2. Experiencing issues with existing test solutions such as poor user experience, unreliable, and obsolete hardware
  3. Lack internal resources to achieve high standards in their testing
  4. Looking to partner with a test supplier who can add value to your production and provide ongoing support

We received great advice and support from Wired-In Software for our test system. Wired-in Software picked up a half completed End Of Line tester and finished the work. I would like to thank Wired-in Software again for the excellent job at AL-KO and hope this partnership will continue for further projects. – Andreas Groell, ALKO International Pty Ltd

Our solutions typically include hardware in the loop to provide product context, leveraging automated motion and vision to perform assembly and calibration, product communication through a variety of protocols, integration of a hardware platform that includes NI, 3rd party and our own custom electronics, with well designed software to make the system easy to use and diagnose, and connecting your system to the cloud for data storage, analysis and insight.


  1. We have a well-defined process to ensure project success. The key is a thorough requirements and design stage that allows our team to learn deeply about your products and challenges, and together with you, come up with a solution that will add value, improve your production process, and work out a solution that will fit within your budget.
  2. Our software development process includes instrument simulation, allowing us to validate the software operations with each customer prior to onsite testing. The upshot is a dramatically reduced onsite integration and commissioning process.
  3. We are an NI Alliance Partner, giving us access to a global NI training and support network. We develop most of our applications on the NI ecosystem – using LabVIEW and TestStand at the heart of our systems, and basing our solutions on the NI cRIO, cDAQ, and PXI hardware platforms. We are also a DQMH Trusted Advisor. DQMH is a software development framework built on NI LabVIEW.  Data can be sent to Systemlink for managing assets and gaining insights.
  4. We work closely with Braemac, the ANZ distributor for NI, to ensure our solution is well planned out, in terms of instrumentation capability to do the job, as well as considering lead times, spares, and obsolescence.
  5. We have a workshop for assembling surface-mount electronic PCBs – an integral component of our test equipment build. All PCBs are designed using Altium.

Wired-in Software was founded in 2013 and are based in the east of Melbourne. We are a team of 7, with an extended group of experienced sub-contractors. We have professional indemnity insurance for AU$2million single claim (AU$4million aggregate), and have Public and Products Liability insurance for AU$20million.

To learn more about the sort of work we can do, visit our Website.