VGL Allied Connectors, With over 30+ years of experience servicing the electrical/defence component industry, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ or a tailored solution for your application.

We are an import/export organisation who have been trading with domestic and overseas markets for over 30 years.

We began operating primarily as suppliers of the MIL-C 5015 military specification circular connectors. Over the years, we have included a range of other series of mil-spec connectors, like the MG Series reverse bayonet coupling (VG 95234 series), and the miniature bayonet coupling 62IN (Mil-C 26482 Series 1).

Our range has since expanded to include the various series of mil-specification connectors, like the Mil-DTL 5015 Rear release, Mil-DTL 26482 SII, 38999 SI, SII and SIII, 38999 SIII Quadrax, Stainless Steel, and Composite range, 38999 SIII JVC Marine and the Elio range, just to name a few. Please check our Product Portfolio page to see what other range of connectors we have access to.
In 2002, we were appointed Australian distributors of the Souriau (formerly FCI, and now the Esterline-Souriau) range of circular connectors for industrial applications. These include the TRIM TRIO, Burndy, Military and Aerospace connectors.

Our industrial range has expanded to include a range of connectors like the PROCON heavy-duty rectangular connectors and CEEtyp (IEC309 series) plugs and sockets. They are manufactured and conform to all European and International standards.

Over the years, we have diversified our product range to include Control and Signalling devices, Din rail terminals, Flexible Copper Braids and Aluminium connections, cable (drag/energy) chain, and the ROBOKIT™ just to name a few.

In addition to our standard range of connectors, we also have the ability to re-design a standard series of connector to suit a particular application that it may be destined for. This unique ability allows us to customise a product to suit an application, rather than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. An example of this is our range of range of 3-Phase and single-phase mil-derived connectors. These connectors are based on the mil-specification (VG 95234) range, incorporating heavy-duty metal body construction, and a dedicated earth contact with a substantial size saving. The 3-Phase series of connectors are rated at 40A/415V and the single-phase connectors at 15A/240V and hold a NSN with certification from the Electrical Safety authority of Victoria. Check our Product Portfolio for more information.

We support a range of product brands. If any series of product or brands are not listed on our website please ask our offices for further details, as our network of contacts in Europe/US are able to assist us with a diversified range of connectors.

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