TrussForte Building Products is a South East Melbourne based Manufacturer of various products that service the building industry.

Although a relatively new company TrussForte draws on years of manufacturing experience and success from a ‘sister’ company Bainbridge Engineering.

We currently produce a range of products for use in both domestic and commercial building sectors. These include but are not limited to, standard forms of bracing, brackets, supports, connection and structural items, and special products for clients on request. In addition to this we have developed and will soon be releasing the Aerospan™ products, which are likely to become the lightest/strongest multi use structural beam ever produced… but more on that later.

One of TrussForte’s main items of production which we are proud to advise is still being locally manufactured, is our range of Expanded Metal. We acquired this business from Sankey in 2012 which was originally a Lysaght Building Industries product, with original mesh patterns dating back to 1958.

TrussForte is proud to advise that we are also the sole Victorian Manufacturer and Distributor for the unique, practical, time and cost saving Powertruss® wall bracing system. The Powertruss wall bracing product is a fully designed, engineered and patented solution for your structural bracing needs. Thorough testing has been conducted on this product to provide you with a proven, simple, and effective solution to wall bracing problems. Please see the Powertruss® website for all Powertruss Brace, Column and associated items.

TrussForte is a very customer focused company believing in delivering a quality product and service at the most competitive and lowest possible price.