Clients with project based work will partner with DTCo. for additional skills and capacity in their design team during busy periods.

Fundamental to our design services:

  1. Our designers are highly practical meaning our designs can be built
  2. We have a high level of technological literacy, meaning we are able to efficiently leverage the latest technologies to improve the design process
  3. We enable SMEs to have access to the latest design technologies

We have a team of full-time, permanent mechanical designers in Melbourne and have partner businesses interstate. Our designers are highly practical, typically from a trade background, and proficient in 3D modelling, drafting and modern design workflows. We are able to work from our premises or on our client’s site, fully integrated with their teams. We have access to the full suite of Autodesk products and Solidworks licenses, have up-to-date hardware and are fully insured. We have a culture of continuous learning and improvement with specific structures in place to facilitate this. It is this culture that enables us to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and implement them in the most effective way possible.