Solpod – The world’s first re-deployable rooftop solar solution. We help more businesses benefit from clean energy.

Our rooftop solar pods (Solpods*) can help your business easily access clean energy in the building you occupy.

Most commercial tenants are unable to install a standard solar rooftop PV system that is fixed to the roof, so they are missing out on the opportunity to be part of the clean energy transition. Unlock the solar energy potential of your roof with Solpod. Our prefabricated, folding frame of solar PV modules (panels) will:

  • Significantly reduce the time and disruption of installation
  • Be cost effective to demount and redeploy
  • Provide flexibility for landlords and commercial tenants
  • Short term agreements to match tenant lease terms possible
  • Systems can be removed and reconfigured to allow site redevelopment
  • Can provide a consistent ‘Landlord Approved’ product across portfolios
  • Are designed and manufactured in Melbourne!