Wherever Your SME is at, Let’s Begin Right There

Commercial Lending and SME Advisory Services – Melbourne-based, Australia-wide

Sometimes ‘business as usual’ is thrown off-course: the 2020 global crisis changing the way lenders fund essential services, an unexpected business opportunity requiring fast action, the sudden loss of a major client, a management buy-out.

Or you may have ‘borrowed’ from funds allocated for tax debts, superannuation and so forth, and gotten your SME finances into an unsustainable tangle.

It’s times like these that smart, informed financial solutions, especially in a volatile financial environment marked by the 2020 crisis, can help you maintain business continuity, unlock opportunities and stay ahead of your competition.

It may mean introducing new measures to ease pressures around cash flow.

It may mean managing finances around complex mergers and acquisitions.

It may mean getting funding for and negotiating the purchase of a new business.

The right finance, the right strategy

Whatever the case, it’s important to match the intricacies of your business to the appropriate finance. And to have a strategy for the way the money is used.

Because having the right finance and financial strategy can make a huge difference to the success or failure of what happens next.

And this is what I am here to help you do.

My name is Sonja Pfitz of PFBS. I am one of Australia’s most experienced and accomplished women in the field of working capital, as well as other financial services for SMEs.

And with the rapidly changing financial environment brought on by the 2020 crisis, I am by your side to help you navigate the complexities involved.

Having connections to both the Big Four and alternative lenders, I can negotiate and obtain working capital finance, trade finance, asset finance and on your behalf, as required.

I also offer my unwavering support through my business advisory services, helping you through the challenges of right-sizing your business, mergers and acquisitions, orchestrating and managing boards and strategic financial planning and implementation.

I have built connections and trust with some of the best professionals, including corporate accountants, solicitors, valuers and others. Where necessary, I work with this hand-picked group of experts to support individual projects.