Open Welding is an Australian owned and operated innovator, helping supply chains of welded product meet specifications locally, remotely or globally, 24/7.

Open Welding Services

  • Training within industry (TWI)
  • Upskill existing welders as they work on jobs with minimal risk to production
  • Onboard new welders with minimal supervision required.
  • Create more flexibility in existing workforce.


  • Reduce product hold times.
  • Reduce repair and rework time.


  • Create consistent welds across all welders.
  • Have 100% NDE on all welds.

The RGL system is a word-leader in capturing the sound a weld makes and transforming into actionable training, quality and optimisation outcomes for manufacturing.

One Sensor with No Moving Parts

  • RGL system is compatible with all existing weld systems.
  • Weld quality is monitored at point of weld.
  • Weld outcomes immediately communicated to welder.
  • Frees up supervisor hours for other tasks.
  • Data becomes feedback to those designing & delivering welds.
  • Allows business to move into ISO 3834 with minimal cost.