ODT Engineering specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality casting equipment, material handling equipment and services for Aluminium and Magnesium Industries throughout the world.

Products include Ingot casting, stacking and strapping equipment; Billet casting equipment; Refractory products; Consumables and spare parts for casthouses. ODT Engineering is a participant in the Cooperative Research Centre for Cast Metals Manufacturing (CAST), a leading light metal casting technology research centre. The comprehensive experience of CAST and the vast knowledge and experience of the ODT Team is a unique combination. This co-operation between CAST and ODT assists ODT Engineering to remain at the leading edge of technology and ensures the latest technology in Aluminium casthouse equipment is readily available for our clients in the rapidly growing aluminium industry.

Our own manufacturing company enables ODT Engineering to fully control quality and ensure prompt delivery of its products. The manufacturing company provides the base for ODT Engineering to complement its design expertise. ODT Engineering has seen sustained growth over the years and has contributed to the success of a number of major projects in terms of design excellence, manufacturing quality, installation, commissioning and completion within time and cost limits.

The acquisition of a manufacturing company – Ajay Engineering – in 1987 enabled ODT Engineering to fully control the quality and ensure prompt delivery of its products. The new company gave ODT Engineering a manufacturing base to complement its design expertise. Further staff recruitment has enhanced the company’s expertise in the design and manufacture of casthouse equipment and services.

Ajay Engineering Co. specialises in the design, manufacture and repair of a wide variety of equipment in the engineering and manufacturing industries throughout Australia and worldwide.

Our experienced and professional team is dedicated to providing our customers with quality, cost efficient service in an economical time frame.

Our well-equipped workshops include fabrication, machining and fitting, which allows us to complete turnkey projects or jobbing work for both large and small companies and individuals.