Morgan Technical Ceramics Melbourne (MTC Melbourne) formerly Carpenter Advanced Ceramics, produces its world renowned MgO PSZ at its manufacturing facility in South East Melbourne, Australia.

MTC Melbourne’s MgO PSZ is used extensively throughout the severe service industry, combating wear and corrosion in a diverse range of applications.

MTC Melbourne specialises in the production of wear and corrosion resistant components from its world renowned Nilcra™ Zirconia. We have been the leading producer of transformation toughened Zirconia ceramics for over 2 decades. Our strength is in providing customers with the means of designing and engineering highly cost-effective solutions in Nilcra™ Zirconia.

Offering a wide range of industrial wear and corrosion resistant components we can deliver high performance Zirconia ceramic solutions for applications in many industries such as oil and gas, automotive and commercial manufacturing.

For over two decades we have specialised in working with customers to convert components made from convention material hardened metals and alloys to Zirconia Ceramic which increases product life by as much as 10-20 times.

Morgan Technical Ceramics excels as a problem solver. We pride ourselves as a partner who is constantly seeking creative alternatives to traditional methods and materials. Many customers come to us first with new challenges, knowing that we have the expertise and the inventiveness to see possibilities rather than limits.