Manhari International opened its doors to scrap metal recycling in 2007 and has grown to become a renowned name in Victoria’s Metal Recycling industry since.

Manhari International started by inviting public and industrial drop-offs only and slowly started industrial pickups by taking advantage of its fleet of trucks.

What We Offer

Manhari International endeavour to offer excellent service and building long term associations with all our clients, offering them the best scrap metal prices in all of Victoria.

Currently, we are one of the biggest exporters of steel and aluminium in Victoria and exporting most of the scrap metal products all around the world including the biggest manufacturing giants like India, China and other countries all around the world.

We Export

Manhari International is one of the biggest exporters of scrap metal and a renowned name in Metal Recycling Industry of Victoria as well in International Export Market. Manhari is currently exporting scrap to more than 26 countries across the globe including manufacturing giants like India and China.