Established in 2006, but our journey has only just begun…

Our Story

MadeCo was founded by a humble cabinetmaker with a simple vision for a better work-life. Founder Gary Slade experienced first hand what it is like to run a cabinet making business. The ongoing stress of managing workload, employees, the expenses of equipment and software, plus always striving to exceed customer expectations is a common story for many in the industry.

In 2006 MadeCo was established with a single purpose; to provide a service that would streamline the workflow for cabinetmakers, freeing up valuable time and providing a better work life balance.

The simple concept of giving cabinetmakers access to custom CNC joinery was the missing link that the industry needed. Thanks to innovative software and a finely tuned production line, MadeCo single-handedly revolutionised the Australian Cabinet Making industry.

Today MadeCo is an industry leader and Gary, who has always been a trailblazer, continues to innovate and improve the MadeCo business model. His purpose however has always remained strong; to provide a better work life.

Gary’s focus on providing a superior experience for clients, suppliers and staff further increases productivity and is what positions MadeCo ahead of the game.