Mack has been making valves for many decades and has supplied flow control devices to many of Australia’s critical industrial and infrastructure applications.

While Mack has core product, maintaining a strong local design and engineering resource to support Australian Industry, ensures the best support for Australian businesses and their needs, an aspect of Mack which provides great pride.

Our products get used around the world in many places, aerospace, healthcare, chemical, energy, food and beverage, industrial gas and alternative fuel industries. What’s flowing in the nervous systems of these companies is not just gas, steam or water, but ideas; ideas that fuel, move and change our world. So, the way we look at it, we are in the business of facilitating the flow of ideas. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. ‘Letting good ideas flow’ is our mantra.

Today Mack meets a broad requirement, specific valves for core applications, and bespoke product for unique solutions. We engineer, designs and manufactures these products for industry around the world.