Lean Logic was founded in 2006 by Dennis Keay, an engineer with a Master of Engineering Science and an Master of Business Administration and deep practical experience in the manufacturing industry since the 1980s.

We provide a range of specialist services to various small-medium sized enterprises with extra attention to the manufacturing sector. Our services extend from shop-floor level Continuous Improvement implementation and training, through to Executive Coaching and Mentoring and business strategy.

Our key focus is on delivering tangible and sustainable business results for our clients utilising our expertise in Lean Thinking principles, office automation/ systemisation, Sales and Marketing.

Our focus is people and change management, not the tools.

A couple of our key differentiators are running learning-by-doing workshops with hands-on business simulations and running Masterclass Collaboration programs for non-competing manufacturers (several in the defence industry) to leverage each other’s and Lean Logic’s experience and knowledge.

We’re Passionate Problem Solvers who can draw on a wide range of industry expertise and resources in various areas to solve real world problems and challenges.