As one of the worlds leading suppliers of automated equipment for the Heavy Clay industry, JC Smale & Co are committed to developing innovative, highly flexible systems using the latest technology to meet the growing demands of today’s market.

JC Smale is an Australian owned company founded in 1962, and since has brought together leading specialists in the Heavy Clay Industry to design, construct, install and commission a wide variety of equipment. These projects range from small modifications to existing plant to entire turnkey projects. We specialise in the manufacture of plant equipment in areas such as clay preparation, forming, setting and unloading of clay bricks, pavers and roof tiles.

All design projects after carefully researched to determine the most appropriate solution. Our Mechanical and Electrical Engineers will ensure the equipment is designed using the latest technology, maximising energy conservation and return on investment. In addition, our team of experienced Installation and Commissioning Engineers are able to train the client operators and engineers on the equipment operation.

After more than 40 years of industrial accomplishments, JC Smale continues to seek innovative means of helping the manufacturer face trends of global competition. We welcome the opportunity of sharing our experience and technology with you on your next capital investment. JC Smale have installed equipment throughout Australia as well as worldwide in countries such as United Kingdom, South Africa, USA, Russia, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.