For over 40-year HM GEM Engines has specialised in supplying fully remanufactured engines and cylinder heads to the Australian automotive repair industry.

With state-of-the-art remanufacturing plants in Melbourne and Sydney and unrivalled distribution throughout Australasia, HM/GEM have grown to be the largest engine supplier in the region. From the beginning, HM/GEM has always been the leader in adopting new remanufacturing techniques and the very latest in engine machining and testing technology.

Precision machining and assembly is complimented by the use of premium quality engine components manufactured in Australia. HM/GEM are very proud of its product. The technology, expertise and experience that goes into a HM/GEM, together with all the new parts, guarantees that you will receive the best completely remanufactured engine available. HM/GEM not only produces remanufactured engines, it also has a heavy duty jobbing division where all your machining requirements can be satisfied.