Fortress Resistors are an Australian company dedicated to the design and manufacture of power resistors. We operate from our state-of-the-art production facility in Melbourne and are proud to offer a wide choice of designs to meet your exact needs.

With expert engineering and a broad product range, Fortress Resistors can help you meet your deadlines by being quick, responsive and knowledgeable about your applications and the latest requirements of standards.

Our international support, as a part of the Telema Group, allows Fortress to apply its knowledge and expertise to project both internationally and nationwide. Applying our localised skills to meet the requirements of all customers, no matter the size or complexity of their project.

Fortress Resistors have been supplying equipment to a variety of markets in Australia for over 40 years. The industries we supply to include:

  • Mining
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Oil and Gas
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Defense
  • Data Centres
  • Renewable Energy

Fortress are equipped to bring you the latest technology in resistor manufacturing and application, such as

  • Neutral Earthing Resistors
  • Filter Resistors
  • Dynamic Braking Resistors
  • Load Banks
  • Motor Control Resistors