Who Are We

D&M Automotive Robotic Spray Painting was established way back in 1990 by Darren King and Michael Van Dort (I bet you couldn’t guess where their business name comes from!)

With a background in panel beating and spray painting, we were ripe and ready to take on the automotive industry through a painter’s eye here in Australia.

We took on the big names such as Holden HSV, Toyota and Ford.

Throughout the years of painting different parts and colours we began to optimise our painting systems to get the best finish.

Introducing automated robots into the process allowed for precision painting with an even consistent finish every time.

As the economy and industry changed and evolved, so has D&M.

With now a large part of our business revolving around our Research & Development efforts, the new innovative paints and process have made us an industry leader in the spray-painting manufacturing area.

Our experience and technology allows us to tackle almost anything that gets thrown at us!

Our favourite is working with architects, designers and artists which has now become a large percentage of our cliental.

We love seeing the end results and watching as their vision comes to

Our Robots

We use ABB robots, who are leaders and pioneers in the robotics industry, who’s next robot we always can’t wait to see!

We program our robots with very specific motions, to ensure that every surface gets painted, and even spread of paint at that.

These robots allow us to get work out quicker, with a smooth and consistent finish.

These robots have allowed us to boost productivity as they operate on 12hours shifts and allow an increase in flexibility so we can paint lower volume runs, as well as change jobs over easily.

We now have 6 robots that perform tasks that increase productivity and quality whilst minimising the number of rejects.

Our Paint

We haven’t had a choice but to be innovative and invest in our Research and Development. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here right now.

We have some paint that you won’t see anywhere else. Hours upon hours have been spent developing them to be the best they can and to solve a problem.

Working with paint day in and day out we know what to expect from a paint and what you expect.

You don’t expect it to fade and need a repaint within 2 years.

You don’t want to have constantly repaint it because somebody has graffitied over the top of it.

You want it to be able to whether Australian elements.

You want to be able to use and abuse it without it cracking or chipping.

You want it to be quality, low maintenance and beautiful.

Well, that’s what we made.

Our fluoropolymer paint is like nothing else.

With the latest in colour matching technology, we know what a good fit is.

And how about finishes?

Matt, satin, gloss. You name it.

Our clear coat is a popular choice these days. As new designs and ideas develop, many people choose to print images and patterns onto panels, and with the strength and resilience of our clear coat, they are going to stay the way they were printed for years and years to come.