Established in 1985, Corex is Australia’s largest manufacturer of Hollow Profile and solid Polypropylene and HDPE sheet products and the number one manufacturer of twin wall profile Fluteboard® sheet. Corex Plastics Australia offer a complete solution to packaging in standard and customised designs.

Tough and durable, clean and smart, lightweight and cost effective… Corex packaging can be produced in an infinite variety of configurations to keep your products safe from damage during delivery and storage, whilst looking good on display. Corex Plastics Australia offer solid plastic sheet in a range of Polymers. Materials processed into sheet include: Olefins, Acrylics, Styrenics, Polycarbonate and Alloys. These materials in sheet form lend themselves to Engineering, Vacuum Forming, Signage and Displays, Fabrication and Packaging.

Limitless Ideas… Corex is the revolutionary material that’s changing visions into reality.