The City of Greater Dandenong has a rich and diverse history.

This is reflected in historical sites that show the changing face of our City, and in the valuable contributions made by indigenous Australians and people from all over the world who came to make their home here. Our Shared History For tens of thousands of years the area in which Greater Dandenong is now located was the territory of the Wurundjeri and Boonerwrung (or Bunurong) tribes. Cultural heritage sites representing these early periods include the remains of important meeting and ceremonial sites for Aboriginal tribes, many of which still have deep significance and meaning for our contemporary Aboriginal residents. Our Committment The City of Greater of Dandenong protects, manages, promotes and celebrates its history and heritage in many ways. By recording and celebrating the history, culture and the achievements of the people of Greater Dandenong, we are teaching understanding and appreciation of our heritage. Effective management today will ensure that things of value, beauty and importance to the community are preserved for future generations to enjoy.