Choice Energy will help you take control of the power you need to operate your business for now and into the future.

We help more than 8,000 residents, small to medium enterprises (SME) and large market commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers reduce their energy costs and optimise their energy use.

Commercial solar systems for businesses take the roof space of one of your essential assets – your building, site or factory – and make it work even harder for you by reducing both energy costs and your carbon impact.Making the decision to rely less on grid power is a smart way to protect your operational budget from energy volatility. With an energy market that continues to rise and fall, you can expect to see drastic changes to your expenses over the coming years.

Removing your reliance on the grid means having more control over your energy costs, and with business solar rebates available, costs can be mitigated for your commercial solar installation.
What’s more – our aim is to make your commercial solar solutions cash-flow neutral or positive from day one. By doing this, we can ensure your solar system is not only feasible but available for you as soon as possible with as reduced an upfront cost as possible.

When combined with our other services such as commercial energy broking or network tariff and demand analysis, you could soon be looking at hundreds to thousands of dollars in business energy savings each month, with minimal effort.