BXB advanced technology producing Cleaner and Greener Hydrogen.

BXB Technologies Pty Ltd has developed a range of unique reactive catalysts that convert organic and inorganic matter into solids for repurposing and gases at a range of temperatures, starting as low as 100˚C.

Our company’s experienced and expert team in BXB Hydrogen has identified and established a massive and immediate opportunity for our entry into the hydrogen market.

This compelling BXB catalyst technology is a serendipitous invention by our scientists from ongoing experimentation extracting Hydrogen, CO2 and other gases from plastic, organics and tyres. As our processes are exothermic, we have had amazing results with massive reductions in power use.

Our most spectacular project is the ability to dovetail this zero-CO2 H2 technology straight into an existing Coal fired Electric Power Generation Station creating green energy. Imagine using coal to produce clean burning hydrogen to generate electricity without climate-changing environmental pollution.