Summer Snow Juice • Trattore Cider • Bellevue Farm Gate

Bellevue Orchard is a fourth generation family business that has been growing apples since the 1950s and making apple juice for over 20 years in Officer, West Gippsland.

We get pretty excited about being able to produce natural juice, as healthy as a real apple, direct from the farm. Our brands include:

Summer Snow Juice: Variety specific apple juices and other fruit blends, made with 100% Australian fruit.

Trattore Cider: Boutique quality alcoholic cider made with only real, Australian fruit straight from the family orchard.

Bellevue Farm Gate: All Australian produce, barista coffee, delicious food, amazing juices and cider.

We make juice and cider for brands across Australia. We also make apple cider vinegar and dehydrated apple fibre, and offer a suite of contract bottling services.

Our Services Include:

  • Making juice for apple cider and other juice labels. We crush, ferment and filter.
  • Making apple cider vinegar and dehydrated apple fibre.
  • A suite of contract bottling services.
  • Delivery in all sorts of formats, from IBCs to tankers to bottles.

Bellevue Brands

An imaginative farming family growing great Australian fruit and making fantastic juice for the people you love.

Summer Snow Juice

Our 100% Australian made Summer Snow Juices are made from real fruit, no concentrates, no preservatives, no added colours or flavours and nothing artificial. We pick the best apples, crush ‘em in our big press and bottle it ‘em to keep that ‘just picked’ taste and nutrients inside. Pressed cold, the gentleness of our process ensures the unique taste of each apple variety is fully captured in every juice.

Visit: Summer Snow Juice

Trattore Cider

Trattore Cider is inspired by traditional methods and refreshingly modern flavours. Our apples and ciders taste like none other with our amazing Gippsland soil and climate. No preservatives and made with only real, Australian fruit, straight from the family orchard and other local orchards. We grow, crush, ferment and bottle on our working orchard. Every bottle of our cider contains years of sunshine, rain, hard work and care.

Visit: Trattore Cider

Bellevue Farm Gate

Bellevue Farm Gate, once the orchard’s workshop, has been lovingly repurposed, amongst our apple trees and working orchard. Wander around the shop filled with fresh apples, Summer Snow juices and Trattore ciders. We’re proud to sell our favourite products – local, Victorian and always 100% Australian. Sample the delights from our food van, choose a tasting paddle, enjoy a barista coffee or 100% juice slushies.

Visit: Bellevue Farm Gate

We transform real fruit into authentic experiences that injects a moment of freshness into the lives we touch.