Anitech – Management Consulting – Risk and Compliance Specialists

With an industry experience spanning over 20 years, Anitech is one of Australia’s leading business consulting agencies committed to offering risk and compliance solutions to both small, medium, and large businesses.

Our primary objective is to support organisations in optimising operations, maximising profitability, and ensuring meticulous regulatory compliance through bespoke solutions. Our team is based in central locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Anitech’s team specialises in collaborating with businesses to enhance their processes, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry regulations. Our tailored consulting services encompass various areas, including Advisory services in Developing and Implementing Business Management Systems, Occupational Hygiene and Health Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring and ESG, and Technology Services including information security, Food Quality and Safety Management, and more. We also offer Training Solutions and help businesses create robust Environmental Programs to achieve Sustainable goals.

From Risk Management and Quality to Information Security Sustainability, we deliver holistic solutions, tailoring streamlined processes to align seamlessly with the unique needs of businesses in the manufacturing, technology, and food services industries.

Anitech is not here to seek profit by just helping businesses scale heights, but our core values lie in supporting clients to ensure workplace health and safety, and employee well-being. We also strive to offer solutions to overcome psychosocial risks at work.

Explore our comprehensive set of services designed to transcend traditional consulting, empowering businesses for sustained success:

  1. Quality Management Systems (e.g., ISO 9001): Elevate operational efficiency to meet and exceed global standards.
  2. Safety Management Systems (e.g., ISO 45001): Foster a workplace environment that prioritises safety as a non-negotiable.
  3. Environmental Management Systems (e.g., ISO 14001): Responsibly reduce your ecological footprint with sustainable practices.
  4. ESG Environmental and Sustainability Reporting and Environmental Monitoring
  5. Integrated Management Systems: (e.g., ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ISO 45001) Seamlessly harmonise various facets of your management approach for cohesive efficiency.
  6. Food Safety Management (ISO 22000): Ensure impeccable food quality and safety standards for consumer trust.
  7. Information Security (ISO 27001): Fortify your data security like a digital fortress against evolving threats.
  8. Digital Transformations: Propel your business ahead in the digital race with strategic guidance and innovation.
  9. Occupational Hygiene Services: From Audiometric Testing to Noise Assessment and Air Quality Assessment, we ensure a workplace that prioritizes health and safety.

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