Anitech is a client focused Business Management Systems consultancy with over 15 years’ experience providing specialised solutions for organisations.

Anitech supports companies in understanding, implementing, and auditing their existing business processes to ensure their operations is safe, efficient, and compliant with industry and legal regulations. We specialise in providing proactive solutions to companies in all types of industries, in areas such as Business Management Systems, Occupational Hygiene services, Technology services, Food Quality and Safety Management services, and many other business solutions that help companies align their operational practices with their organisational goals.

Anitech offers a wide range of specialised consulting services, that can be tailored to support the specific requirements of business’ of all types and sizes. Our diverse range of consulting services include helping your operations to develop more streamlined processes, ensuring your business is complying with Occupational Health and Safety regulations, helping your organisation strengthen its Information Technology services whilst also ensuring confidential data stays protected, and other specialised business services.

Specifically, we can help companies with Risk Management (ISO 31000), Quality (ISO 9001, NATA Laboratories), Information Security (ISO 27001, specialist consulting), Systems Software Solutions and Integration, Data Analytics, Digital transformation, Cyber security, Information Security Consulting Services, Safety (ISO 45001, NAT Audit Tool, Rehabilitation Management Systems, Safety In Design, HAZOP, OFSC, specialist consulting), Chain of Responsibility (COR), Environment (ISO 14001, GECA, ASI, Sustainability, specialist consulting), IMS (Quality, Safety and Environment), Food Safety Management Systems (HACCP, SQF8, FSSC and other specialist schemes), Asset Management (ISO 55001), Support care (National Disability Insurance Scheme, QAFF, Job Active), Energy Management, Occupational Hygiene (Noise, Hazardous Substances, Ergonomics Study) and Audiometric Screening Consulting Services.

Our vision is to provide specialised solutions and on-demand consulting services to clients, to help them to achieve their organisational goals. Anitech offers a wide range of services tailored to support the individual needs of the client. Click here to view our complete services for 2021.

Our management team and specialised consultants are committed to building lasting business relationships, and thus, are dedicated to ensuring their clients are satisfied with Anitech’s services. They work and engage with industry leaders, government bodies and associations to ensure the most up-to-date, relevant, practices are presented to your workplace and staff. Some of the industries and sectors we work with include manufacturing, professional services, government, construction, transportation, food, and healthcare, of all shapes and sizes, ranging from boutique organisations to large national corporations.

Anitech’s unique consulting methodology is a cost-efficient process that ensures that businesses can now afford to have a high-quality system developed and implemented by experienced business solutions consultants.

An overview of some Business Systems and solutions we can help with:

Further, as part of Anitech’s Occupational Hygiene services, we also help organisations to provide safe, supportive, compliant work environments for their staff, by providing the following services to its clients:

Anitech was established fifteen years ago with a vision of providing efficient, effective solutions to local and wider businesses, to help them streamline their services, maximise their profits, and achieve regulatory compliance. If you would like to know more about how Anitech could help your business align its daily operations with its future goals, then please give Anitech’s specialist consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. By discussing your business operations with them, they will be able to discuss with you some of the ways a Business Management System could help your organisation stay compliant and competitive.