Works is a renowned not for profit social enterprise that offers a welcoming and inclusive workplace for people from all walks of life, delivering inventive, commercially competitive solutions for our business customers.

Wire & Metal Fabrication
Our creativity knows no bounds when it comes to designing a solution for your metal and wire fabrication needs.
Inventive use of our own 3D printers and the practical skills of our in-house tool maker means we can design jigs and tools for our employees to produce high quality, short run products that meet technically challenging requirements.

Inclusive Design
The experiences of our staff offer unique insights into the design of infrastructure, facilities and mainstream products and services.
Our inclusive design service offers greater insights for designers creating infrastructure, facilities, products, services and customer experiences. It also improves usability and accessibility and helps avoid costly design errors.

Pack & Rework
From unexpected and costly urgent rework to ongoing regular contract work, our packaging, labelling, finishing, and rework service provides quick turnaround, flexible and inventive solutions for your product needs.
Ability Works are the solution experts, so talk to us about how we can help before scrapping or engaging a costly redesign.

Records Management
We are experts in this rapidly evolving commercial area. Records management workflows require focus and repetition that align perfectly with the skills of our employees.
We also embed the latest information technologies and tools into our processes to support our people and achieve the highest quality control and security standards for our clients.