A unique approach developed from real world experience.

Helping businesses take control of their Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems has always been my core objective. My approach is based on some simple yet effective principles:

1. Strengthen Independence

Empower the users of the Management System through a ‘train as you go’ consulting style. The truth about the International Standards is that they sound more complicated than they are. By breaking it down into smaller pieces, I believe any business can find their footings and achieve a high level of independence and ownership of their Management System.

2. Everything must have a Purpose

If your system is feeling like a burden around the day to day operations of the business… there are inefficiencies to fix. Your Management System shouldn’t feel like a box ticking exercise and you should question the purpose of component.

A well tuned Management System adds value, saves time and mitigates business risks.

3. Commitment Pays in Dividends

A commitment for improvement is the key success factor of any Management System. Choosing the right Management Systems consultant will allow you to translate this commitment into results.