How we got started

While tidying up his desk back in 2005, our Founder and CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, stumbled upon a classified ad for a yogurt plant recently closed by Kraft. After initially throwing the ad away, Hamdi listened to his gut, fished it out of the trash and went to see it that day. He decided to buy the plant on the spot and went to work on perfecting the recipe for Chobani based on his belief that everyone, regardless of income or location, deserved access to delicious, high-quality yogurt. The first cup of CHO finally hit shelves 18 months later and has since grown to become America’s #1 yogurt.

What Makes Our Yogurt Special

Our expert team crafts each pot of creamy Chobani so it’s not only the highest quality but also tastes great! So how do we make Chobani so delicious? The secret isn’t an ingredient. It’s a passion and love for what we do.

First, we take wholesome Australian milk and add live and active cultures. Then we strain our yogurt using an authentic process – this is the heart and soul of our craft. In fact, it takes 3 cups of milk to make 1 cup of Chobani which is why it’s so deliciously thick, creamy and packed with protein. The finishing touch for our Fruit on the Bottom varieties is real fruit layered on the bottom of the pot, to make Chobani a good for you indulgence:

  • No preservatives. No artificial colours or flavours.
  • Fat-free and low-fat varieties
  • Two times more protein per serving than regular yogurt.
  • Includes 5 live & active cultures, including 3 probiotics.
  • Source of calcium.
  • Safe for those with corn, nut, and soy allergies.
  • Gluten-free and Kosher-Certified.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.