Jul 19 2016

Introducing the Australian Synchrotron

Based in South East Melbourne, the Australian Synchrotron is a world-class industry and academic research facility that exploits particle accelerator technology to produce x-rays and infrared light – a million times brighter than the sun – to reveal how matter fits together, moves, interacts and changes.

The Australian Synchrotron reveals unprecedented structural detail and insight into any industrial, agricultural or biomedical raw material or product, producing complex analyses faster and more cost-effectively than anything possible in even the most well-equipped and modern industry or academic laboratories.

36 SEMMA members attended a behind the scenes tour into the Australian Synchrotron. It was clear to see the unique hardware together with the lab setups how beneficial working with Synchrotron can be to new product innovation and its life cycle enhancements. Members were pleasantly surprised to hear how cost effective the facility is.

For SEMMA member research and development teams, the Australian Synchrotron provides local access to a unique research facility and uniquely-skilled scientists, who empower industry partners to interrupt, boost and manipulate the most basic of processes to overcome technical hurdles and roadblocks and drive product innovation.

For more information about the Australian Synchrotron please use the following web link http://www.synchrotron.org.au/


Photos supplied by Australian Synchrotron