Jul 19 2016

Foreign Exchange introduction

1st Contact has partnered with SEMMA to assist manufacturers and importers with their foreign exchange requirements by hosting an introduction to Foreign exchange event at SEMMA.

Over 10 people attended the intimate information session and all members left more confident with foreign exchange and some already using 1st Contact for business transfers internationally.

The event covered many topics in particular:

1.     What affects the Foreign Exchange (FX) market?

2.     Types of FX orders

3.     How are the rates & fees calculated?

4.     How to manage currency fluctuations & volatile exchange rates.

5.     FX myths

6.     FX cost breakdown

Concluding with an open discussion where all members participated and gained further insight into the process. Also highlighting the potential cost savings provided by using the SEMMA member deal from 1st Contact.

For more information about 1st contact and the deal please use the web link