Jul 19 2016

Member Deals

Sourcing talent for your job vacancies with the University of Melbourne

Are you struggling to find the right kind of candidates for your vacancies? Did you know that The University of Melbourne has a free job database that all SEMMA members can advertise opportunities on for free?

This job database is called Careers Online, and it is frequented by over 10,000 students a month looking to secure casual, part-time and full-time employment. These students come from all disciplines across the university.

Whether you are looking to recruit someone for casual employment or your organisation is looking to employ a recent graduate to your team, Careers Online is a great place to start the talent search.

For more information and to post your job advertisements online, please visit the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Careers website.

If you would like to discuss this, or any other opportunities to connect with students and graduates from the University of Melbourne, please contact Prudence Brew at careers-services@unimelb.edu.au


1st Contact – Foreign exchange

1st Contact has partnered with SEMMA to assist manufacturers and importers with their foreign exchange requirements.

We know how frustrating it can be when you have to deal with banks to send or receive money from overseas. That’s why 1st Contact ensure their money transfer services are faster and more cost-effective than those offered by banks. They offer the best exchange rates while also reducing the risks associated with currency fluctuations.

You can use the 1st Contact currency calculator on the SEMMA homepage to get an idea on the excellent rates and low fees we offer our clients.

As a member of SEMMA you’ll receive preferential rates when transferring money overseas with 1st Contact. In addition to this, your transfers will be free of charge.

This deal is available to SEMMA Members only. 

If you would like to discuss the importance of foreign exchange to your business, and why using an independent provider such as 1st Contact can save you money, please call or send Jason an email.

Contact Details:


​Ph: +61 3 8651 4512


WasteSense – Waste & recycling collection services

WasteSense has access to the largest array of waste, recycling, medical & hygiene services in Victoria and Australia.

WasteSense will continue to succeed by providing organisations with a compelling alternative to the traditional waste companies by delivering a completely customer focused service, they have the buying power to minimise waste costs for sustainable periods of time and are 100% focussed on safety and quality assurance.  The company can supply tailor made invoicing and environmental reporting to suit the required needs without the hidden cost.  They are an Australian owned business that prides itself on transparency and delivering on their promise.

SEMMA Member offer…   

Waste costs are on the rise again by as much as 30% from July 1, in order to beat the incurring extra cost WasteSense will come out to you and complete a free site audit that includes a cost comparison and collection alternatives that may see savings of thousands of dollars off your monthly waste bills.  Already a number of SEMMA members have received substantial savings by engaging WasteSense as their waste and recycling partner. Savings have ranged from $1,500 to one SEMMA Member who will save up to $30K pa by engaging WasteSense!  

To find out more on the cost savings and services please contact service@Wastesense.com.au or 1300 4 waste (1300 492 783).

This deal is available to SEMMA Members only. 

To find out how you can save on your waste & recycling collection services and qualify for the free cardboard service please contact WasteSense today on service@wastesense.com.au

Ph: 1300 492 783 or Greg direct on 0487 887 997.


Selectricty – Group purchasing deal

All Victorian Electricity network tariffs were revised by government and new rates became effective on 1 January 2016.  In some cases, various tariff changes (and/or new tariff options) can present savings opportunities.

You may want to have your electricity charges reviewed for savings. 

SEMMA has a long-term partnership with Selectricity and we have had a Group Purchasing Deal with Selectricity for a number of years now, which has provided excellent savings for our members. 

This deal is available to SEMMA Members only. 

If you are interested in having your Electricity charges assessed for savings, please email your most recent bill (back and front) to cathy@semma.com.au.