Austbreck Pty Ltd

34-36 Westpool Drive, Hallam, VIC 3803, Australia

With manufacturing facilities in Melbourne and Sydney and subsidiaries around the globe Austbreck is a market leader in the manufacture of pantographs, rail electrification equipment and industrial products. Through Austbreck network of sister companies we are able to provide the latest and most innovative products to our many industrial and rail partners in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.


Manufacture Capability:

  1. Trainborne - Electrical Current Collection - Pantographs, Ground Contacts, 3rd Rail Shoegear and Conductor Rail
  2. Infrastructure - Overhead Line - Design, Supply and Install
  3. Infrastructure compenents - Gas Tensioning Device, Furrer & Frey Solid & Retractable Conductor Rails & Arthur Flury Ovehead Line parts like Setcion Insulators and termation clamps
  4. Industrial Products - Conductor Line, Cable Reel, Cable Festoon Systems, Slip Ring Assemblies
  5. Repairs and Overhaul of above equipments.