Wilcox Metal Finishing

11 Advantage Drive, Dandenong South, VIC 3175, Australia


Wilcox Metal Finishing provide Electroplating services of Zinc Yellow, Trivalent Zinc Silver, Nickel and Chrome as well as the highly corrosion resistant E-Coat or EDP in black. They are located in Dandenong Sth and specialise in high volumes of repetition rack electroplating with automated lines that provide fast turnaround and consistent repeatable quality. They electroplate on average over 100,000 parts per day. 

Application over a range of materials, including all Steel types, Cast Iron, Zinc Diecast, Zinc pre-coated steel, Aluminium, Brass, copper, stainless steel and most any other ferrous metals.

E-Coat is the smooth black finish most would recognise on their seat runners in their car. All the suspension, body panels and bracketry are also E-Coated. E-Coat is a specially formulated paint that is electroplated on at 20 microns thickness and provides enormous adhesion properties and 4 times the corrosion protection of Zinc Yellow. Other industries such as defense,disability,aftermarket automotive, marine,building,electrical,industrial,heavy vehicle, mining and general steel fabrication & casting industries have started to enjoy the benefits of this superb coating previously only known to the automotive manufacturing industry.

Wilcox Metal Finishing's chrome plating is the real deal proper Nickel & Chromium electroplating and their Zinc plating world class to specifications and consistent repeatable quality. They are an ISO accredited company with quality systems that work with the customer.  Phone 9792 9815 or Darryl on 0400 955 919


Wilcox Metal Finishing history dates back to 1950 as a Press Shop and was relocated from Sandringham to a purpose built electroplating factory in Dandenong Sth that is over 3500 sq mtres large and has 5 fully automated electroplating lines inside capable of electroplating 150,000 parts per day. Electroplating is an art that has a recipe for perfection. The automation allows them to multi-task runs and still keep each job to its recipe of time required in each tank. This gives the customer the same finish today as they will get in 2 years time and always to the required specification. 

E-COAT BLACK: Electroplated Black Paint 20 microns smooth semi gloss black finish with 840 hrs corrosion protection in NSS tests.

ZINC YELLOW: Standard is 8-10 microns hexavalent Zinc Gold or yellow with 240 hrs corrosion protection in NSS tests.

ZINC SILVER: Also refered to as Trivalent Zinc Blue or Silver with approx 90 - 120 hrs corrosion protection in NSS tests.

NICKEL & CHROME: Duplex Nickel Chrome