Zircon Interiors

129 Wedgewood Road, Hallam , VIC 3803, Australia

Zircon Interiors is a Design & Construct, Fitout Company. Providing services to other businesses which revolve around renovating and making use of their office space.

We are a service orientated, family-owned, SME with approximately 12 full time employees, several regular suppliers and dozens of contractors and sub contractors. 

Most of our work is based around Melbourne Victoria, but we do have a small presence in other states and have completed contracted jobs all over the nation.

Our goal is to be the best at providing unique solutions to our customers and educating them how to revolutionize their working space for maximum productivity and unique style.


We primarily work in all areas of commercial fitouts, from the design of the interiors to the supply of commercial furniture. With each client we work with them throughout the whole process, from start to finish and have dedicated project managers to see that each contract is smoothly transitioned.

Our Services could be best broken up into the main eight areas;

- Space Design & Layout Commercial

- Office Fitout

- Activity Based Working

- Office Partitions

- Reception Fitouts

- Workstations

- Office Furniture

- Storage

Our approach for each separate client is to treat each contract as unique and find the solutions which best suit the customer rather than putting forward a 'line-item' solution.