Open Welding

PO Box 3266, Murrumbeena, VIC 3163, Australia

Contact: Anthony Lele
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Open Welding ensures your welding activity is the most cost effective (productive)

  • ​Remove uncontrolled variability across jobs
  • Ensure reputability in all circumstances
  • Build a flexible welding workforce that delivers

The broader welding system includes upstream and downstream processes not often considered.

The welding system consumes critical job hours when left unattended.

Open Welding measures inefficiencies, for your business to recover valuable profit.

It delivers simple solutions with big impact.


With 2 years research involving RMIT on 144 Australian metal fabrication companies to reduce the cost per meter of weld from $17.36 to $3.88 Open Welding's approach is unique in the world.

Open Welding will:

  • Come on-site, understand what you want to achieve.

  • Confirm, locate and measure the cost impact

  • Recommend solution pathways based on ‘cost / benefit’.

  • Implement simple solutions.

Change is good, if it sticks!

Open Welding is completely independent.

Is your "normal" cost effective!



Welding measurement, case study analysis, weld mapping, welder ranking, consumable advocacy, advanced weld training, develop fabrication process KPI's, project management.