Adhesive Coating Services

1/15-17 Monterey Road, Dandenong, VIC 3175, Australia

Contact: Peter Rowland
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/ Phone: 03 9791 3179

ACS apply coatings to small parts through high volume bulk processing or too small and large parts through spray application.

The coatings we apply (sourced from the USA and Germany)  have approvals from major Automotive/mining/military/windpower/transpotation and General industry end users.

Our thin film coatings provide corrosion protection in excess of 1000 neutral salt spray testing and can tolerate high loads (in ecess of 100,000 PSI) and still provide lubrication.

ACS operates under an accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System


Bulk thin film anti corrosion coatings (less than 20 micron) at volumes upto 6 tonne per day

ISO 9001:2008 Accredited Quality Management System

Access to internationally approved and specified coating systems from Delta MKS (Germany), Magni Industries (USA) Everlube Products (USA) and Whitford Xylan Coatings (USA)

Application of Loctite Driloc thread adhesives and sealants to threaded fasteners. Upto 50,000 parts per day.

ACS also has bulk volume stainless steel shot peening facilites and glass bead blasting for small delicate comnponents.