D+M Auto Industrial Spray Painting

29 Industrial Drive, Braeside, VIC 3195, Australia

Contact: Michael Van Dort
/ Email: michael@dmauto.com.au
/ Phone: 03 9587 3497

D&M Auto Industrial Spray Painting commenced operations in 1990 in Melbourne. Over the past 25 years the organization has built a reputation as a reliable & innovative quality 2 Pac paint finisher. D&M Auto Industrial Spray Painting Melbourne have the capacity to paint many different substrates in high and low volumes. Our paint environment is contamination free and all facilities meet statutory obligations.

The company believes it is at the cutting edge in the markets it services, certainly the most advanced in Melbourne and Victoria. D&M Auto Industrial Spray Painting Melbourne is certified to ISO 9001.

Our clients include builders, signage companies, factories, based predominantly in Melbourne. D&M Auto Industrial Spray Painting can paint any surface, including metal, plastic, composite panels and glass. Some examples of products we have spray painted are car parts, light switches & fittings, forklift and industrial machinery parts, road and train signs.


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