Ronson Gears Pty Ltd

18 Teton Court, Highett, VIC 3190, Australia

Contact: Gavin New
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/ Phone: 03 9555 9822

Proudly Australian with an international reputation for quality and first-class customer service, Ronson Gears manufactures gears for diverse industries including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defence, energy, medical, mining and rail. We have the capacity to manufacture a wide range of gears and other power transmission products utilizing state-of the-art CNC equipment. We also stock a large range of standard gears from KHK, Japan.

With our diverse range of CNC equipment, Ronson Gears also manufactures machined parts that require high precision and strict quality control .

Established in 1954, Ronson Gears is an active member of international industry associations including Eurotrans and the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), and has firm relationships with associate companies in Europe, Great Britain, Japan, China, New Zealand, USA and South America.

In 2009, Gordon New, Ronson's managing director, was appointment to the AGMA Board of Directors, cementing Ronson Gears’ reputation as a leading Australian player in the international gear market.


The complete maufacture of precision machined components. We specialize in the manufacture of gears of all types or Gear Cutting only on customers accurately machined blanks. We manufacture and supply spur gears, helical gears, internal gears, bevel gears, sprockets, splined components and gear racks amongst many other power transmission products and components. Machining services include CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Rack Milling, CNC Gear Cutting, CNC Gear Profile Grinding, CNC Cylindiical Grinding, CNC Wire Cutting, CNC Gear Measurement, Non-destructive testing. Gear box assemblies. Gear measurement and certification. Gear cutting tool sharpening service. Stockists of a large range of standard - off the shelf - gears. Gear design and manufacturing advice.