Andrew Donald Design Engineering

6B, 841 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater, VIC 3153, Australia

Contact: Barry Hendy
/ Email:
/ Phone: 9760 9600

Andrew Donald Design Engineering is an Australian company that produces quality Industrial Automation and robotic systems for the manufacturing industry. We develop systems that are at the fore-front of today's thinking with potential to lift the standard of automation solutions locally, nationally and internationally.

Our team of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers has extensive experience in all elements of Industrial Automation. We use the latest technological tools when designing and manufacturing our projects and provide systems that are practical, incorporate proven technological developments, have a pleasing appearance and are inviting to use. When undertaking a project we work with our customers to establish their detailed requirements. We then develop clear functional specifications and guidelines to ensure that our solution is fit for purpose and is executed with controlled project management.

Our customers appreciate the value of our design capabilities and our thorough approach to the completion of projects. The benefits of reduced installation and commissioning times, increased outputs, low maintenance solutions and the overall robustness of the systems we produce have proved to add significant value for our customers.


Automation Systems, Pharmaceutical Ampoule Identification and Inspection Lines, End of line Packaging systems, Filtration monitoring systems, Automotive and Automotive sub-assembly suppliers, CNC Machine tending, Fettling and deburing, Assembly, Product handling, Accumulation systems, Robot based Automation, Palletising, DePalletising, Case Packing, Sorting and Picking, Machine tending, Assembly, Gluing, Plastic trimming, Fettling and deburing, Glass Manufacturing, Stacking systems, Destacking systems, Product handling, Accumulation systems, Special Automation Equipment Engineering, Robotic Welding Systems